About Us

Juanita Strong Forever Project (JSFP) was established in 2020 after the senseless killing of Juanita Raquel Lolesio, a victim of a drive-by-shooting that came from a gun being held by a 15 year old. Not wanting her death to be in vain, Juanita's mother, Erica Theresa Lolesio, knew that something had to be done to positively change the trajectory of underserved youth's lives despite this tragedy. Therefore, through her loss, Juanita Strong Forever Project was birthed. Erica created the not-for-profit with the purpose of helping marginalized families and young people who are directly impacted by poverty and violence.


The anchor of our mission is to align our efforts so that they impact underserved communities on a state level. Through programs, workshops, and events, JSFP provides reactive and proactive wholeness and healing through mentoring and peer-to-peer support services to those that have experienced a violent and/or traumatic event.